Alexander Associates

About the client

Alexander Associates Leadership Solutions is a premium leadership consultancy and coaching company based in Malaysia. They provide internationally certified training courses in management and coaching skills for leaders.

Industry: Business Services (B2B)

Alexander Associates has a network of Associates who deliver training courses across Malaysia and throughout the region. The company has a unique and innovative approach to British-certified leadership development, providing intensive training workshops combined with work-based skills practice where the LEDA Coaching App provides the platform to engage staff and enhance performance across the key metrics that matter to our clients. ”

A few words from our client about their experience with us:

“The team at Digital Plant have provided by far the best client experience I have had in terms of their professionalism, their technical knowledge and, most importantly, their ability to deliver results in terms of sales. After just the first week of engaging them and the campaigns they created going live, their digital marketing had already generated a positive return on investment, and the quality leads have kept on coming. I highly recommend Digital Plant as an outstanding digital marketing company – I only wish I had found them sooner!”

Ashley Alexander, Director, Alexander Associates

Client needs

Alexander Associates called upon Digital Plant services in May 2021 to assist them in generating quality leads. The company needed to find new ways to reach potential clients because of the restrictions due to the pandemic. Our strategy included using the different channels to boost their visibility to targeted audiences:

– Facebook Ads

– LinkedIn Ads

– Google Ads (GN-SEM)


Our role

Our main goal was to generate brand exposure & traffic mainly through paid campaigns. To achieve that goal, we used the following strategy content-wise:

To achieve that goal, we used the following strategy content-wise:

  • Facebook ads: video slideshow ads and visual ads formats
  • LinkedIn Ads: visual ads focused on Talent Management service & Digital Leadership service
  • Google Ads – Search Engine Marketing (SEM): 5 ad groups created. 1 focused on branded keywords (Alexander Associates brand name), and 4 focused on general & services (360 Review, Executive Coaching, Digital Leadership, Generic).

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Selection of ads run for this campaign:

Alexander Associates improve your emotional intelligence Facebook screenshot - Digital Plant Sdn Bhd Alexander Associates executive coaching Facebook screenshot - Digital Plant Sdn Bhd Alexander Associates become a certified coach Facebook screenshot - Digital Plant Sdn Bhd

Alexander Associates LEDA coaching system Google Ads screenshot - Digital Plant Sdn Bhd Alexander Associates executive coaching Google Ads screenshot - Digital Plant Sdn BhdAlexander Associates connect with us Google Ads screenshot - Digital Plant Sdn Bhd

Facebook ads (all formats):

  • Budget part: 69%
  • Impressions: 183,029
  • Ad clicks: 2,824
  • CTR: 1.48%
  • Leads generated: 180
  • Conversion rate (CVR): 0.11%

LinkedIn ads:

  • Budget part: 5%
  • Impressions: 12,165
  • Ad clicks: 39
  • CTR: 0.32%
  • Leads generated: 5
  • Conversion rate (CVR): 16.67%

Google ads – SEM (all ad groups):

  • Budget part: 26%
  • Impressions: 66,156
  • Ad clicks: 1,659
  • CTR: 2.65%
  • Leads generated: 22
  • Conversion rate (CVR): 1.13%


What worked best for Alexander Associates (business services industry):

  • In terms of engagement on the ads (CTR): Google Ads SEM
  • In terms of leads generated: Facebook


The client decided to renew these campaigns, focusing on Facebook ads & Google SEM. He also expanded the scope to include a revamp of the company website to optimize the transformation of incoming traffic into actual leads (conversions).

Project phases

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