Kitohana – Paid Ads

About the client

Kitohana is a fresh skincare brand in Malaysia that owns a full range of eco-friendly and organic (paraben-free) skincare products such as O2 Bubbly Mask, Foaming Cleanser and others organic skin products in the market.

Industry: Beauty & Skincare Industry

kitohana is an ingenious brand that shares benefits of nature and advancement of science to create conscience beauty while safeguarding nature.”

Client needs

For expanding its own special product value in Malaysia, kitohana called upon Digital Plant services in Oct 2020. The challenges they faced, as newcomers on the market, made it so they needed the guidance of our experts:

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High competition barrier in Skincare industry

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The non-paid marketing efforts gave little room to optimize their own brand exposure & value to the right market.

Low monthly website traffic size: 220 unique users.

Our role

Our main goal was to generate brand exposure & online sales through Paid Ads Marketing. To achieve that goal, we decided to use Google Ads & Facebook Ads Manager as channels for kitohana’s ads. The targeted audience was all skin types & sensitive skin (Male & Female) without any age restriction.

The strategy defined was tripartite:

  • Ad approach: experimentation with image ads (visual & caption) and seasonal ads (promo codes for Black Friday & Christmas)
  • Targeting approach: experimentation with the reach (new vs remarketing reach) and with the language (CN vs EN)
  • Ad Display approach: experimentation on ads format & placing – Facebook: slideshow image ad & carousel ad – Google: auto generated formats (YouTube carousel ad, Discover ad, Programmatic Display Ad)

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Kitohana YouTube Ad screenshot - Digital Plant Sdn Bhd Kitohana Google ad screenshot - Digital Plant Sdn Bhd Kitohana Facebook slider ad screenshot - Digital Plant Sdn Bhd


It enabled kitohana to achieve the following KPIs for a campaign of 51 days:

  • Website Paid Unique Users: 13,800
  • Conversion rate (add to cart/checkout): 6%


Overall, what worked best for kitohana (skincare industry) was:

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To boost sales:

Google-Search Engine Marketing (exact brand keyword) & Facebook-Traffic (carousel card of kitohana’s set & slideshow Ad with promo code)

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To boost traffic:

Google-Discovery as it was cost effective (Avg CPC 0.11 MYR) and drove the highest traffic & users.

Ad impressions: 1,490,095
Ad clicks: 19,942
Generated website traffic: 8,891 users (64%)

Project phases

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