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About the client

M Adora is a property developed and commercialized by the Mah Sing group, prominent property developer in Malaysia.

Industry: Property Development/Real Estate

“With M Adora, we seek to inspire and simplify everyday living. Because living well is that simple, as it should be.”

A few words from our client about their experience with us:

“Your services are very efficient and good. When you noticed an error in the system, you were able to take immediate action and fix it. We appreciated a lot all your hard work in GDN during the system setup for the first 2 weeks at the campaign start. In addition, you were able to make adjustments on retargeted marketing to push for more leads.”

PY Leong Pik Yun, Senior Executive, Marketing, Mah Sing

Client needs

Mah Sing was looking to promote one of their properties: M Adora, in order to boost sales.

M Adora is one of the participating projects under Mah Sing’s Eazy to Own Campaign. This campaign offers an innovative home financing solution with Maybank Islamic (HouzKEY) enabling home buyers to own their ideal home today (easy entry, low monthly instalments).

The goal was to captivate audience the Klang Valley (KL & Selangor) with an interest in real estate for sale.

Therefore, they needed Digital Plant’s expertise to generate leads through the following tactic:

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Set up and maintain targeted ads on Facebook & Google aiming at potential homebuyers throughout Malaysia.

Our role

Our main goal was to generate exposure & leads within the timeframe of the campaign: from April to June 2021 (3 months).

To achieve this, we did the following:

  • Social media advertising: we focused on Facebook/Instagram to run the campaign. In total, we created 2 ads campaigns (3 different ad sets) on Facebook with segmentation based on location and business interest. This involved account and ads setup, activation, weekly reporting and optimization.
  • Google advertising: we focused on Google (SEM & GDN) channels to run the campaign. In total, we created 10 ad groups on Google with segmentation based on location and business interest. This involved account and ads setup, activation, weekly reporting and optimization.

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Selection of ads run for this campaign:



It enabled the company to achieve the following KPIs for the M Adora campaign (75 days):

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Facebook ads:

  • Budget part: 26%
  • Impressions: 404,392
  • Ad clicks: 6,423
  • Leads generated: 48
  • Conversion rate (CVR): 0.01%
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Google ads – SEM (keywords: branded, competitors, intent):

  • Budget part: 14%
  • Impressions: 168,638
  • Ad clicks: 7,979
  • Leads generated: 55
  • Conversion rate (CVR): 0.69%

Google ads – GDN:

  • Budget part: 60%
  • Impressions: 1,140,702
  • Ad clicks: 29,150
  • Leads generated: 366
  • Conversion rate (CVR): 1.38%
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What worked best for M Adora (property development industry):

  • Facebook: Narrow localization targeting generated less leads. The visual that performed better was a slideshow video (in Setapak-Geo): CTR: 6.48%
  • Google – SEM: Branded & M Adora long tail keywords perform better
  • Google – GDN: Narrower targeting in terms of localization: KL & Selangor + Interest: Real Estate For Sale worked better.
  • As of June, this campaign generated 5 confirmed bookings. Overall, 74% of the budget spent on the Google Network generated 90% of the leads. Therefore, in terms of strategy, for the renewal of the campaign in Q3 2021, we will focus exclusively on Google ads (SEM & GDN).

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